Skin reaction after cupping

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Skin reaction after cupping A Homeopathic Consultant and Alternative Therapist Book an Appointment at +91 9833629281 Click and Book an Appointment...


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Hijama (Cupping Therapy ) Things to follow BEFORE THE HIJAMA Give some sadaqah beforehand for Allah's delight since it is suggested that we treat the wiped out and eliminate disasters with sadaqah. Have a shower or shower an hour or more before the Hijama/Wet Measuring or Measuring meeting. Complet...

Organs Relation with possible diseases

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Organs Relation with possible diseases CERVICAL C 1 ➤ Back of head Headaches (Including migraines, aches or pain at the back of the head, behind the eyes or in the temples, tension across the forehead, throbbing or pulsating discomfort at the top or back of the head) C 2 ➤ Various areas of the head...
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