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Fri Nov 10, 2023


Government of Maharashtra
Skill, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department
Maharashtra State Board of Skill, Vocational Education and Training
Alternative Healing Therapy

Objective Of Course :
1.To create skilled Alternative Healing Therapist in in State of Maharashtra
2.Employment Opportunity a) Becomes a helping hand for a AYUSH Practitioner
3. Can work as Alternative Healing Therapist.
4.To Improve Health of Human being in our Society.     


Syllabus Theory
Introduction of Human Body with Anatomical & Physiological aspect.
1 Cell tissues, organ had Body Regions.
2 Musculoskeletal system, Bonus, Juts and Imp, Muscles.
3 Digestive System, metabolism, Carbohydrate, Protein and Nutrition.
4 Circulatory System
5 Respiratory System
6 Endocrine System
7 Nervous System
8 Excretory System Kidney and Skin.
9 Reproductive System.
Theory - II - Principles of Alternate Healing Therapy -
1. Basic Principles, origin and Therapeutic effects on disease management.
2.Body mind and soul Healing.
3.Holistic Healing.
4.Combination of physical and Metaphysical Healing Technique.
5.Various Healing Technique

A) Alexander Technique:
1 History
• 2 Process
• 3 Uses
• 4 Method
• 5 Effectiveness
• 6 Influence

B) Rolfing Technique:
Ida Pauline Rolf began working on clients in New York in the 1930s with the
premise that the human structure could be organized in relation to gravity
Theory and practice
Effectiveness and reception

C) Chiropractic techniques
• 1 Interventions
o 1.1 Manual and manipulative therapy
• 2 Effectiveness
o 2.1 Neuromusculoskeletal disorders
o 2.2 Non-musculoskeletal disorders
o 2.3 Cost-effectiveness
• 3 Safety
• 4 Techniques
Skilled, specific hands-on techniques, including manipulation and mobilization, are
used to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures, to reduce pain and to
increase range of motion and general health.[10]

D) Manual and manipulative therapy
E) Neuromusculoskeletal disorders
Treatment is usually for neck or low back pain and related disorders.[11]
F) Non-musculoskeletal disorders
The use of spinal manipulation for non-musculoskeletal is controversial.
All treatments need a thorough medical history, diagnosis and plan of management.
Chiropractors, must rule out contraindications to any treatments, includingadverse

G) Hypnotherapy
Definition of a hypnotherapist
1) Traditional hypnotherapy
2) Ericksonian hypnotherapy
3) Cognitive/behavioral hypnotherapy
4) Hypnosis in childbirth

H) Practices in Various Chikitsa & Theories
1) Sangivan Chikitsa
2) Panchagavya.
3) Bach flower Remedy.
4) Aroma Therapy.
5) Sujok Therapy.
6) Reflexology and holography.
7) Scrapping Therapy.
8) Moxibustion Therapy.
9) Musico-spino Therapy.
10) Spiral Ball Therapy.
11) Bio-chemic chikitsa.
12) Electro-Homoeopathy.
13) Sanvahan Chikitsa
14) Magneto- therapy
15) Neurotherapy
Syllabus Practical

Practical - I - [ Practical Healing Therapy - 1 ]
Alexander Technique.
Rolfing Technique
Chiropractic treatment techniques
Sangivan Chikitsa
Sanvahan Chikitsa all the treatments with their Therapeutic applications
Bach flower Remedy.
Aroma Therapy.

Practical - II - [ Practical Healing Therapy - 2 ]
Sujok Therapy.
Reflexology and holography.
Magneto- therapy all the treatments with their Therapeutic applications
Scrapping Therapy.
Moxibustion Therapy.
Musico-spino Therapy.
Spiral Ball Therapy.
Bio-chemic chikitsa.
Electro-Homoeopathy. all the treatments with their Therapeutic applications

Dr. Mohamad Ahamad
A Homeopathic Consultant and Alternative Therapist
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